It all began in 1965 a few kilometers from the Tiber estuary where local boat owners needed a place to moor and maintain their boats as well as a place to meet to talk about the boating life. With only a few boats, a wooden jetty to moor them and a shed with limited carpentry tools and boat supplies and of course lots of “pioneering spirit”. Slowly but surely the number of boats requiring a home increased. The boating equipment and carpentry skills were refined and enriched with the experience of an old ” maestro” Senior Giua. In the Autumn of 1970 there we enough boats and clients to officially organize ” Circolo Nautico Tecnomar” while becoming a member of the prestigious Italian Sailing Federation (FIV).

Today Tecnomar is still owned and managed by the original founding Giua family. Tecnomar has resisted the “concrete invasion” and maintained its original spirit and character while modernizing its equipment and services. The original wooden jetty is now much longer (1.5 kilometers) and wider allowing for the continued growth of local wildlife which include mallards, swans, water turtles, cormorant, sharks, whales and sometime a rare heron. In addition, the Tecnomar complex includes 5 main buildings for the sale, rebuilding and maintenance of our clients boats as well as dedicated space for classroom instruction and certification. We also have a full service restaurant and bar providing fresh seafood cuisine and aperitifs to our clients and their friends and families.

We offer our local and international clients: a safe mooring in fresh moving water with excellent service at a reasonable price.

Please come see us in a unique location where the Tiber river meets Mediterranean. Our clients’ boats have a fully equipped port and their owners a place “to talk of boats” over a glass of anything you want to drink (including diet coke) or with a dish of anything you want to eat in front of you here, the modern boat technology meets the old traditional techniques of the old “maestro”.