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From the idea to good use and exploit the natural mouth of the Tiber, The Tecnomar was founded in 1964: with few mooring equipments of call, hauling, a small carpentry workshop … but really want to do. Before the construction site, there was a lawn, so much mud, no road, but lots of stubbornness, courage, and resourcefulness. The boats began to arrive, also with the courage of the pioneers. From small sailboats, helped by a few but true old-time sailors and carpenters, the club soon established itself. In 1970, given the significant number of sailing boats, The Circolo Nautico Tecnomar was founded, obtaining affiliation with the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) on October 4th of the same year.

Over time, The Circolo Nautico Tecnomar has withstood the attack of the concrete retaining its original appearance: wooden docks develop along the river, becoming a shelter for local wildlife and connecting the few buildings hidden by a multitude of “master trees”.

We have Italian and international customers who appreciate this nature not attacked by concrete and are attracted by the safety of the moorings, the fresh water of the river, the reasonable prices and the friendliness of the place.

We look forward to seeing you here, where life meets the vitality of the river to the sea, where boats find shelter and refreshment wayfarers, where modern nautical joins the sailing tradition, where time has passed but it seems to have stopped.