V.M.A. diletant sport association is using Tecnomar as its base for it’s activities. VMA provides various social integration programs for young people with physical, sensorial and social limits on sailing boats. These programs are coordinated with professional sailing instructors and the support of educators and volunteers. Since 2003 the most important associations dealing with sailing for socialy, mentally and physically limited people, are united under the ” Italian Union of Solidarity sailing” group.

W.M.A. activities include:

  • Autonomy
  • Schooling cruiser
  • Developing self estimation
  • Team building
  • Group collaboration
  • Courses and schooling for instructors
  • Preparation for para olympic crews
  • Participating in races and regattes

A.S.D. VMA – Sede Operativa:   C/o Circolo Nautico TECNOMAR    Via Monte Cadria 73    00054 – Fiumicino
Sede Legale:   Via Ugolino Vivaldi 30    00122 – Ostia ROMA – C.F.  97705470587
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